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Senior BI Developer

  • job type Full Time

If you have a passion for handling big data and possess practical experience in the field, then this role is tailor-made for you! Our client is in search of a Senior BI Developer who excels at constructing comprehensive reports, intuitive dashboards, and sophisticated analytic solutions catering to various departments within their organization. As part of your responsibilities, you will:

  • Consolidate vast and diverse data sets from various origins into a centralized data warehouse that serves as a vital resource throughout the company.
  • Craft both relational and multidimensional queries, all while developing and deploying reports that meet the highest standards.
  • Generate top-notch datasets that cater to the needs of business analysts, ensuring they have the necessary tools to extract valuable insights.
  • Create reports intended for operational usage, contributing to the smooth functioning of day-to-day activities.
  • Enhance the data warehouse model by introducing new dimensions and facts that further enrich the analytical capabilities.
  • Seamlessly integrate novel data sources, broadening the scope of information available for analysis.
  • Collaborate closely with the Business Intelligence operations team to swiftly address any identified issues or discrepancies.
  • Offer insightful recommendations for enhancements, actively engage in daily stand-up meetings, and contribute to task planning to ensure the seamless progression of projects.

Experience & Skills:

  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years of relevant experience, preferably in a similar capacity.
  • Educational Background: A relevant degree, ideally in Computer Science or Big Data.
  • SQL Proficiency: Demonstrated excellence in SQL.
  • ETL and ELT Expertise: Strong knowledge of ETL and ELT processes, including tools like Microsoft SSIS, Microsoft Polybase, and Google Cloud Dataflow.
  • Data Modeling Understanding: Very good grasp of data models and associated best practices.
  • Microsoft Stack Familiarity: Experience with Microsoft SSRS, SSAS, PowerBI, and Excel.
  • Cloud Database Exposure: Preferably, experience with cloud columnar databases such as Google BigQuery.
  • SQL Server Administration Basics: Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL server administration.
  • Data Quality Proficiency: Experience with data quality techniques and best practices for data verification and accuracy.
  • Project Tracking: Use of Project tracking software (such as JIRA).
  • Collaborative Approach: Proven ability to work collaboratively in Agile teams.
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset: A proactive attitude towards continuous improvement.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Expertise: Excellent experience in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting, Analysis, and Integration Services.
  • Data Visualization Knowledge: Familiarity with at least one data visualization tool.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:


  • Proficient in clear and collaborative communication across all organizational tiers.
  • Exhibits excellent proficiency in both written and verbal English.
  • Demonstrates self-initiative, rapid learning, and adeptness in working independently.
  • Displays adept teamwork capabilities.
  • Possesses robust analytical and problem-solving acumen, along with meticulous attention to detail.

Job Summary

  • Job Reference: 2893/23
  • Published on: August 08, 2023
  • Primary Job Focus: Information Technology
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Experience: Senior Management/ C-Level
  • Status: Searching

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